Friday, December 3, 2010

Senior ~ Taylor Warm Sky

Senior ~ Taylor Warm Sky, originally uploaded by ~Phamster~.

Senior ~ Taylor Warm Sky

here in indiana i get some amazing skies

Taylor a senior and were working together on one of those nights.. lucky her !

i used 2 lights for this.. on the right side kicker was a bare speed light held by her best friend and the main light was the 64 PLM again i use the PLM all the time because it puts of a soft light and with the AB1600 it is a great combo for sunsets..

the AB1600 at low power puts off some warmish light to begin with so i don't need to gel the colors at all.. sorta nice eh?

main light was about 1/4 power camera left
side kicker on the camera right

@ F 5.6
ISO 200

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 6 Jul 10, 11.03AM PST.

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