Friday, December 3, 2010

Groomsman ~ having fun

Groomsman ~ having fun, originally uploaded by ~Phamster~.

Groomsman ~ having fun

So groomsman or best guys stuff has to be done in a way that makes you look at the photos and smile.

my method is pretty much like this:

i have them in a flying V formation..
have the guys in the back interact with each other towards the center

and create motion..

then you the photographer just focus on the groom and snap maybe like 15 shots in each walking sequence

results are gems like this...

all natural light..

pretty simple eh?

oh.. the template is my own design.. that was the longest and hardest part of this photo.. haha..

but you can find nice templates here

i am not affiliated with her at all but she makes simple and clean templates.. her calender one i might just go ahead and buy one. looks great..

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 5 Jul 10, 5.34AM PST.

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