Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Cactus V5's Transceiver Duo

New Cactus V5's Transceiver Duo

I just received the new Cactus V5's Duo... as a beta tester.

i have been long time user of the Cactus Systems and feel very lucky to be a part of this.. they pick me along with a handful of other users in the world for this Privileged EARLY ROLL OUT..

a full write will soon be delivered by me.. but since i have not fully tested this system out.. (From the Technical, functional, and aesthetic) i just wanted to share some photos of the new system

i will state this:

i was able to fire a shot about 100 Yards away using a 580EXII in my garage.. i could probably have gone farther but it was too cold to mess around any longer.. i figured 100 yards is plenty for what i would ever need..

in the box you will get two transceivers, thus the name DUO..

i don't know the cost nor when will offer this product it to the public yet.

i started a discussion thread here..

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 17 Dec 10, 8.26PM PST.

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