Thursday, December 30, 2010

Aurielle Model ~ Platinum with film leak

Aurielle Model ~ Platinum with film leak

just working on some split toning..

added a layer of Film Light Leak just to see what happens

The Grey Seemless was provided by Ryan O Hicks, setting this thing up and taking down is a real pain.. thanks for bringing this Ryan..

to get this shot we had to have..

1. A fan for hair
2. Key lighting was the Quadra camera left @ 2.8 power
3. Side lighting was the 60 inch Softlighter in with AB1600 @ 1/2 power camera right rear for the fill

about the skin work.. (i am still learning skin work, the dodge and burn, at pixel level, takes really long.. so i am experimenting with other methods that gets good results but much less time.. ) i do know the simple plug in's don't get the pro results you want so don't do plug ins..

3 layers..

1. top layer is a high pass filter @ opacity of 33 percent with blending mode of overlay
2. 2nd layer is a cleaned up layer of skin smoothing opacity of 88-90 percent
3. original layer that was hand cleaned up with photoshop spot healer manual mode

CameraCanon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure0.005 sec (1/200)
Focal Length85 mm
ISO Speed50

set up shot here by Ryan O Hicks

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 9 Dec 10, 3.48PM PST.

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