Friday, December 3, 2010

OMG ~ Crazy Blonde Bikers !!

OMG ~ Crazy Blonde Bikers !!, originally uploaded by ~Phamster~.

OMG ~ Crazy Blonde Bikers !!

so i had a chance to do some personal work recently, (last night)

senior photos have been on a crazy frenzy and personal work has been set aside.. and i really wanted to take a break from senior stuff.. and make some Art..

i had a chance to work with some very talented people. (Ryan Hicks, Mindy, and Courtney)

with out their help i could never be able to pull this shot off. Ryan was the one who threw the scarf in the air, and believe it or not.. we only took one shot to do the scarf and Models gave me this look - so perfect.. (though the test shots for lighting and composition took about 12 shots to do.. )

By the Way, the Bike is Mine, it is 250 CC Motor bike that goes 80MPH and gets about 65Miles to the Gallon.. so fun to ride..

also it was Mindy, the Pink Scarfed Model that made and adjustment for her right hand to hold on to Courtney's Shoulder and make it look like a rodeo hold.. and to have Courtney's beauty add to this shot.. thank you all ! and of course Ryan to hang out and assist me on this shoot ! (i even borrowed one of his lights (AB1600)

don't know where i came up with this concept, but my main goals are listed:

1. Make a Funny Photo
2. Use normal locations - My Fav a parking garage..
3. Create a photo with action or Motion...

my original crop didn't work in my mind so i had to go out wider.. i thought i could do a tighter shot, but as it turns out the best looking shot was low to the ground up, full body and space infront of the bike and behind the bike to show where the action came from..

lighting on this was 3 alien bee's..

1. Key was AB1600 @ 3/4 power with 64PLM Camera right
2. Back side lighting AB1600 @ full power with 86PLM Camera right far back to light up the side of the bike from the rear
3. side kicker camera Left AB1600 @ 1/2 power with 43 inch shoot thru umbrella

Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Exposure:0.01 sec (1/100)

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