Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding ~ The Second Kiss

Wedding ~ The Second Kiss, originally uploaded by ~Phamster~.

Wedding ~ The Second Kiss

This is probably my favorite on camera flash shot.. bounced..bare 580 EXII

story behind this shot goes like this..

i wanted a cool shot with this wedding.. but all alter kisses have been done and probably done beautifully.. i just wanted extra kick..

so the bride and groom and i talked about doing this shot 2 days before.. and we planned this shot.. i told him, if he forgets.. i will be in the middle of the isle holding my hand up to remind him to kiss his beautiful bride in the middle of the isle.. and yes.. he forgot.. so i slowed down the couple and they did my kiss shot in the middle of the isle.. whalll la.. ! my version of the extra kick down the middle of the isle. (they already kissed @ alter)

I vertally had only 2-3 seconds to get this shot.. i am glad my camera was ready !

the crowd was pleasantly surprised as you can see..

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 12 Jan 10, 2.59PM PST.

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