Sunday, November 28, 2010

Corrina ~ Flower Girl

Corrina ~ Flower Girl, originally uploaded by ~Phamster~.

Corrina ~ Flower Girl

Corrina's senior photo.

done in the flower fields during the fall

one of my favorite fields shots to date..

just so colorful and the golden late sun..

i had a red gel on speed light for rear hair light..

from the alzo digital site

" This outdoors shot combines evening light with light from a flash. These soft lighting conditions occurred at around 7:30 p.m. in Indiana in mid-September just before sunset. A single side/back light flash was used to create the hair highlight on the right side of the subject. The sunset was to the left of subject.
Setup: The ALZO ultralight softbox kit was aimed at the right side of the subject's head with a red gel taped to the flash. The remote flash was triggered with the ALZO wireless flash trigger kit.

Camera settings: Aperture 5.6, shutter speed was 1/160 sec on a mono pod, ISO= 500. Canon 580 ex II flash was set to manual @ 1/64 power, no on-camera flash."

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 18 Feb 10, 7.59PM PST.

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