Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vavick ~ The Nissan Skyline GTR

Vavick ~ The Nissan Skyline GTR

Meet Vavick.. A Purdue Grad, A Pharmacist, and a military Captain.

Vavick will be doing a 1 year tour of duty in Iraq, starting 2 weeks from now.

his father had asked i do a photo shoot of him and his car..
when i first meet Vavick 2 weeks ago, i thought father bought the car for him, but it turns out Vavick earned this by him self.. it totally makes me smile that if you work hard enough, you can meet all your goals.. congrats to him to make it out of a difficult program at Purdue..

it is fitting i did the skyline shot on a skyline top of the parking garage..

The Legendary Nissan Skyline has quite the fan far in Japan, but few know about this car here in north america..

i was lucky enough to drive this amazing piece of engineering..

quick specs...

0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds.. and if your a bad drive, then maybe 3/5 seconds.. lol..

some 450 LB torque
some 500 stock HP

it was a tricky shoot.. windy and cold.. and the sky was changing so fast i just got what i could and i wanted to get more lights out of my outback, but i couldn't , time was of essence.. so instead of messing around and getting all the lights, i settled with a 2 light set up..

back lighting was AB1600 bare at 1/2 power about 10 feet out
key lighting on Vavick was Elinchrom Quadra with deep octa about 5 feet away held by dad @ 3.0 power

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