Saturday, February 19, 2011

Laurie and Matt ~ Romance in the Air

Laurie and Matt ~ Romance in the Air

Getting ready to start off the Engagements with all the couples to be wedded this coming year.. about 16 weddings on the book this year..

so i was going thru my couples study and looking for good poses to add to my phone and found this one i haven't posted and totally love..

editing was:

1. desaturated this file to sepia
2. colorized the image to my likings
3. added the rain textures from another project - Kate Sitting in the Rain , because i have the layers already made, i can just drag and drop into this project and it was like 2 mins of work total..

Uploaded by ~Phamster~ on 19 Feb 11, 10.17AM PST.

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