Friday, September 30, 2011

Josh and Bailey ~ Mustang Kiss

Josh and Bailey ~ Mustang Kiss

did this one in a recent wedding..

Josh and Bailey probably had many a dates before they were married.. but my vision was to have a romantic moment in his amazing 1965 mustang.

lighting on this was 3 lights.

1. Key light was a 550 Speedlight with a shoot thru umbrella camera right about 6-8 feet away @ 1/2 power

2. Rear Left back lighting was AB1600 with Yellow Gel with 64 PLM about 10 feet back for the rear corner lighting

3. Rear Right back lighting with Red gel for the highlight held by the Bride's Brother Jesse @ 1/8 power (thanks Jesse !)

triggered by the Consistent firing Cactus V5's

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