Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Magical Winter Wish Publication ~ Light and Shoot 50 Fashion Book

Magical Winter Wish Publication ~ Light and Shoot 50 Fashion Book

Well this image has had quite the Odyssey, been one of my favorite images, been on a billboard, in a major magazine, and now published in a Mainstream Fashion Book for photographers.

this book is a new publication by Chris Gatcum. Light and Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos features the work of photography Masters Miles Aldridge, Perou and Rankin and its a real PRIVILEGE to have been part of this project.. actually mind blowing.. :)

The concept of this book is pretty simple - Lighting Handbook for fashion photographers

shows the shot and on the opposite page, the set up of lights and captions about HOW to do the shot and a little background of the concept or history of the shot.. and small tid bit of the photographer.. :)

"The key to this book though, is on the back cover- that “lighting styles come in and out of fashion and are constantly evolving… Some would say there are no rules abut lighting..-or that lighting is something you never truly master; but the more you shoot the better you get at it.”" i couldn't agree more, there is no limits on creative lighting and concepts..

winter shot here Katie ~ 4 Seasons ~ Magical Winter Wish

spring shot here Aurielle ~ 4 Seasons ~ The Beauty of Spring

summer shot here Kate ~ 4 Season ~ Summer Dream

fall shot here Aurielle ~ 4 Seasons ~ The Splendor of Fall

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